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Hello and welcome to the spot dedicated to the friv for girls. A place that smells yummy and also very funny , a place that unicorns and fairy’s leave in harmony, a world of goodies baked with the help of some amazing cooking games, a place that you will never want to get to far from since you always want to be in. I know that this sounds like a beautiful story but that is what this place is all about. Beautiful princes, cooking games, fashion, ponies and many more things that are adored by girls. Enter a world of tails and gingerbread where all the girls that want to become princes or master chef are welcomed to fulfill their dreams.

This category of friv for girls is dedicated to all the things that girls love to do. For example I know for sure that girls love to cook and here you can find a lot of different recipes from where girls can learn or improve their cooking skills. So if the weather outside is rainy and you cannot play with your girlfriends, this is a really good choice when it comes to spending good quality time on the internet.

Another fact that I know is that girls simply love to dress their dolls with the latest fashionable dresses. Here in this online girl games category you can find and play lots of dress up games where you can choose from hundreds of cool styles clothes and put them on different models of your choice. Also another genre of games that is included in this category is babysitting games witch girls love to do. All the girls tend to practice this kind of games on younger brothers or sisters, but now you have entire games dedicated to the activity that you adore. Do not be shy and start playing all those fun girl games that are here only to entertain you.

Just to get things straight I want to mention one more thing, if this is friv for girls category this doesn`t mean that boys cannot take a peak and play some games their selves. I saw lots of boys that practice to become one day a master cook, and they play cooking games to improve their abilities. So nobody will be upset if there will be some boys around this place also.

In conclusion this place is full of love and fluffy, so there is no need to look further for games that you already have at your reach. We are always updating our database with other cool games for girls as they are invented. This way you get the chance to play old and new games from this genre. I want to end this by sending a big kiss and a warm hug to all of you that love playing our games.