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Are you an car addict and you do not think of anything other than cars all day long. This may be a good sign because here on friv world we might have something that will fix , let`s not say fix, It will calm down you thirst for cars. Ok so here is our secret. Seat back , relax in a comfortable chair and start browsing our friv car games category. You will find all that you want to calm you need for adrenaline. You will also notice that the effects of playing online friv games is the one when you play big car simulators .So if you are passionate about speed and adrenaline you are at the right place.

You can achieve speeds that will leave you with your mouth open. Speeds that you will never achieve in real life. (also we do not encourage you to do this at home , meaning in real life) . You will start the race in these friv car games, and you will have the chance to become a world class pilot and compete against other drivers that will try to defeat you with all their resources. Drive your car with the speed of light and the agility of a F1 driver and you will arrive at the finish line victorious. There is no bigger satisfaction the being first in a race, this means that there is no car game online that can stop you from being first.

I think that there are many new features that we could also discuss when it comes to friv car games , like the thrill you get when you find yourself at the back of the wheel of a enormous monster truck, or the adrenaline that is pumping in your hearth your heart when you get the pole position in the grid , and the formula 1 race is about to start. But I will let you discover all this on your own since I do not want to spoil all the excitement.

You can find this and more only by surfing through the games from our car games category. Hope that you are enjoying your stay around beautiful cars and powerful engines. Since it is our great pleasure to give you only the best that you can find when it comes to online friv car games. We dedicate a lot of time in selecting what game has the most beautiful graphic, sounds and game play. The main objective is to deliver quality to our user.

With oil pumping in your veins and acceleration in your brain, I think that you are ready to dive into all those amazing games that are. Buckle up because you are about to have the ride of your life.